Instead of spending all of your capital on marketing agencies who charge between $25,000-35,000 for market research, this service sets you up for success by helping you understand your market, what kind of products are currently being sold in your industry, who your top competitors are, and what they are doing that works.

If you are asking any of these questions, this product is for you!

How large is your competitor's audience?
What is their demographic?
What are the top searched products/services on their website?
How do they market their products/services?
What is their main source of website traffic?
What kind of conversion rate (sales) do your competitors have?
What is their social media secret?
What kind of ads do they run that work? Where do they publish their ads?

We'll ask that you provide us with your website and up to 5 competitors' websites and we'll send you a comprehensive look at:

1. Competitor Demographics
- age
- gender
- location
- type of device
2. Top searches customers make on competitor websites
3. Top keywords
4. Keyword opportunities
5. Size of audience
6. Estimated conversion rate
7. SEO analysis
8. Hashtags
9. Types of digital advertising (email, direct, social media, organic, paid, etc)
10. Ads competitors are currently running
best performing social media posts

1-1 analysis/consulting where I teach you how to use the information in the report to outperform your competitors.

Uncover your competitor's secrets


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