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monthly masterclasses

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Grow your business and revenue without the stress of worrying "will this work"


Receive monthly guidance from a consultant who has "been there/done that"


Have accountability from a group of like-minded business owners 


Know exactly which tools to use and how to integrate them into your business


Imagine if you could

You spend too much time looking up "how to" articles and videos, but it isn't clear how to implement those suggestions into your own business. You wish there was a coach or consultant that was affordable to teach you how to level up your business to take the guesswork out of it.

You've created your website and developed your product, but the sales aren't what you know they should be. You're doing everything you can think of to drive traffic and engage your ideal customers, but you know there is something missing you could be doing if you just knew how. 

Sound Familiar?

Don't forget that you will get 1-1 consulting with me TOO!

And if that wasn't enough you get bonus training and a private Facebook group 

How to use the tech, info, and tools as well as set up integrations

Integrations for your business

Each monthly masterclass is designed for YOUR unique business needs. I've built the content based on data, analytics, and real world use in my own brands that have brought success and revenue. I provide you with the actual tools, information, and technology I use to implement every element in my business.

monthly masterclass

the entrepreneur mastermind


Weekly "Office Hours" for mastermind group, plus monthly 1-1 15min call with Micaela

weekly calls + 1-1 consulting

Private FB group to maximize accountability and support to help you grow your business

Private Facebook Group

Training guides give you workbooks and additional information on what's covered in the masterclass

Monthly training guides

Micaela will lead you through each month's masterclass with deep insight and analysis of each topic

Monthly video masterclass

Anyone not willing to be challenged and learn

Anyone who thinks someone else should do the work

Someone who doesn't think they need help

Someone who doesn't want to do the work

Who it's not for...

Entrepreneurs who support and encourage others

CEOs who know they have to put in the work

Entrepreneurs who want to build a sustainable business

The CEO challenging themselves to learn and grow

Who it's for...

Your Computer

Every 30 Days

the details

Still curious?

I fell in love with entrepreneurship 10 years ago and haven't looked back! I am CEO of my own brands, and am passionate about supporting entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs have to become masters of many skill sets: product development, sourcing, packaging, graphic design, marketing, public relations, websites, messaging, etc. That's where I come in! I'll help you grow your brand, bring in revenue, build your digital footprint, and expand your digital marketing just like I've done with my own brands! I've featured one of my brands below. I'm excited to work with you!

I'm Micaela! Thank you for stopping by!

hey there!

I know how hard it is to build your company on your own.

Entrepreneurship can be isolating, difficult to navigate, and challenging to know the best way to solve problems. It doesn't have to be that way!

I've made all the mistakes, done all the research, and created the Entrepreneurship Mastermind so that you don't have to! Hiring a 1-1 consultant is not cheap, and sometimes you need the help without spending all of your capital on private coaching. Participating in the mastermind gives you the same information you'd receive in 1-1, without the price tag. Learning at your own pace, you can determine how quickly you move through the course and implement the new tools & skills in your business. You will be encouraged and supported each month by Micaela and the other entrepreneurs/CEOs in the group! We will work together to help you grow your business!

jennifer matthews

I felt like my business hit a plateau and I didn't know to keep it growing. I joined the Mastermind and within the first 30 days I had the next steps for my business growth and started growing revenue!

These folks KNOW what they're doing!

Hurry! This offer ends in

The Entrepreneur Mastermind is a month-to-month hands-on group consulting program that works best if you participate for at least 6 months. However, sometimes life happens! I completely understand! 2020 has proven that events can be unpredictable and we have to be flexible in order to adapt. You can cancel at any time, and only the month(s)
you participate will be charged.

cancel at any time guarantee

take advantage of our risk-free

Weekly Office Hours

Invitation to private FB group

New Masterclasses monthly

Pay every two weeks


2 bi-weekly payments

Weekly Office Hours

Invitation to private FB group

New Masterclasses monthly

Save $60 monthly


monthly payments of


join the mastermind

Masterclasses and Bonus training materials are published at the beginning of every month. You will have a month to go through the courses and start executing them! I'll be here to help you every step of the way!

how often are masterclasses published

There are weekly "Office Hours" built into the program, and all entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to join the call for a group check-in. Each month, entrepreneurs receive 15min 1-1 with Micaela, plus the Facebook Group where she and the entrepreneurs can interact.

how often do we get to speak with micaela

I know that sometimes life happens, and you might need to pause the mastermind. You can pause/reactivate or cancel at any time. We are unable to refund you after the next masterclass has been published. After each payment, you have access for 30 days until your account is paused or cancelled. If you need help, contact support@micaelabrown.com for more info. 

what if i need to pause my account

When you register, you'll be asked to select topics you would like covered that will help your company. Examples include: Email Marketing, Digital Advertising, Pinterest for Business, Leveraging Linkedin. You will also be able to request additional topics, training guides, etc and we'll let you know when they will be ready for you to take.

how do I know the masterclasses are for my business

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