Have you seen those "As Seen" sections on websites and social media and wondered how to get your product or services picked up by the media? 

Ads? No guarantee that the media will find you, and that makes them too expensive!

What about a blog? It’s a good idea, but it takes time to build a popular blog.

You need something affordable, effective, and credible. Something that will publicize your creation immediately.

Press Release

i've taken the mystery out of publicity! i'll get press for your brand, logos of the top media outlets to publish on your website and social media, backlinks and keywords to drive seo, and get you exponential visibility!

I used to get overwhelmed looking at websites, seeing their press distribution and "as seen in" logos, and wondered how I could get visibility for my products. The secret is leveraging press releases! With just one press release distributed, you get backlinks, SEO, publicity, and most importantly, TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE that converts to sales!

have your own "as seen in" section!

Get Seen

The best part? it's only $500!

Your press release will be published across these networks and more!

The biggest secret in marketing is utilizing press releases to supersize your visibility, reach, SEO, and bring in sales. '

Here's how this works:


one payment of $200

I need help writing my press release!

one payment of $500

I'm ready! Let's go!



one payment of $700

I definitely need both!

as seen in

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