Digital Advertising includes several different types of powerful ads that serve different purposes. Defining your goals is the first step in achieving them: 

Types of ads include
1. Brand Awareness
2. Reach
3. Traffic 
4. Engagement
5. App Installs
6. Video Views
7. Lead Generation
8. Messages
9. Conversions
10. Catalog Sales
11. Store Traffic

We have more than 7 years in running digital ads across Facebook, Instagram, Google, Linkedin, Pinterest, and retargeting. 

In setup, we'll build out your ads based on your budget, goals, target demographic, create your audiences, and work with your existing imagery to create ad campaigns. We'll do the hard work for you!

Managing your ads for you, we'll ensure your ads are performing in your target demographic, monitor your Cost Per Clicks (CPC) to make sure you are maximizing your budget, and work with your website analytics to optimize sales.

Digital Advertising Setup and Management


one time payment of $1,500

Let's get started!

monthly payments of $1500

I'm ready to drive traffic and make sales!


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